Afzal Lemon Pie (Clearance)

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A Sweet but tart Lemon Pie Infusion!

Note: This product is past its Best Before date but is still safe for consumption.



Founded in India, Afzal takes great pride in being one of the world's largest producers of hookah tobacco. Since 2002, we have been deeply passionate about shisha and dedicated to providing shisha enthusiasts with an unparalleled smoking experience. Our molasses are meticulously crafted using the finest tobaccos and infused with exquisite flavors sourced from around the world. We cherish our heritage and the role we play in the ever-growing shisha community worldwide. For us, smoking shisha is more than just a pastime. It's an opportunity to slow down, appreciate life, and embrace the connections it brings. A time when cultures converge, and people from diverse backgrounds come together. It is a moment for reflection and contemplation, where we can uncover deeper connections in life – the interplay between problems and solutions, the bonds between friends and strangers, and the bridges that span across generations. At Afzal, we believe in the power of shisha to create meaningful experiences and foster a sense of unity. We invite you to join us on this journey and indulge in the rich, unrivaled pleasure that our shisha products offer. Experience the art of slowing down, savoring the flavors, and connecting with others through the timeless tradition of shisha.
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