Cocourth Coconut Cube Coals 26mm 1kg


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Cocourth Big Cube Charcoal

Now larger than life, the Cocourth Big Cubes have arrived at Oxide Hookah! Cocourth coals are already one of the top premium coals on the market & have a reputation for longevity and quality. Now enjoy even longer, perfect shisha sessions with the CocoUrth Big Cube Coals. The new sized natural and organic charcoal lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Cocourth big coals do not contain any extra fillers and are made of 100% organic matter and coconut shell. Each coal measures at a perfect and evenly cut 26X26X26 mm making it the largest hookah coal in the North American market. Pick these premium hookah coals up today at Oxide Hookah.


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