Dschinni Mio 2.0 Purple Rain Shisha Set V4A


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This design Shisha comes with 1 hose port (can be extended to 4 hose ports with extra adapters) and has all necessary adapter included to hook up silicon hoses and/or normal hoses. There are also no grommets needed due to perfect, airtight design. You will not need a hose connector to connect a silicone hose. The lower stem comes with adjustable diffusor for minimal noise and better smoke channelling.

The Mio 2.0 is a mix of traditional and modern. Modern design paired with a traditional closed-chamber system for a smooth draw and purge. Comes with the new “bass box” purge system.

Made out of the highest grade V4A steel which is unique in the industry.

Every single part of this Shisha can be dismantled.

This Shisha Set includes everything which is:

1x Dschinni Vulcan Air

1x Dschinni Seflex

1x Dschinni glass head Nero

1x Dschinni Mio Chrome Purple Rain 2.0 Shisha

1x Dschinni Candyhose Silver

1x Dschinni Aluminum Hocus Pocus Matte Silver mouthpiece

1x Dschinni coal tongs Purple Rain

Material: V4A Stainless Steel / Crystal
Hose ports: 1 (4 possible)
System: Srew, closed-chamber system

Weight: ~6.5kg / Height: ~71cm with Nero head


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