Dschinni Pico Pink Venom


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Dschinni Pico Pink Venom

This entry-level design Shisha comes with 1 hose port and has all necessary adapter included to hook up silicon hoses and/or normal hoses. There are also no grommets needed due to perfect, airtight design. You will not need a hose connector to connect a silicone hose. The Shisha has an integrated cut adapter between ashplate and stem, meaning you can easily connect molasses catchers and similar similar. The shisha is made of anodised aluminum sheathing while the interior is made of V2A stainless steel which is a very high grade of stainless steel alloy. It also comes with the much loved click system (stem clicks into vase)

Pico is a mix of traditional and modern. Modern design paired with a traditional closed-chamber system for a smooth draw and purge, with a little bit smaller inner dimensions than usual for modern Shishas to replicate the traditional feel.

Every single part of this Shisha can be dismantled.

Height: ~42cm

Weight: 1.3kg

Material: Aluminium / V2A Stainless Steel / Glass
Hose ports: 1 (can be upgraded to 2)
System: Click / Closed traditional chamber

No hose or tobacco head included.


Note: We recommend the Dschinni Candyhose instead of a matte hose, due to the hose adapters of this model being on the smaller side. Matte hose will still work, but Candyhose (due to its 1mm smaller inner diameter) will have a tighter grip.


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