WD Hookah G34-16


WD Hookah – Stainless Steel Shisha G34-16

Due to the high-quality stainless steel used in the production, the WD Hookah – Stainless Steel Shisha G34-16 gets its long life.
Invite your family or friends and enjoy the WD Hookah together, because you can connect up to 4 hoses without additional seals.
Simply connect the hoses directly to the WD Hookah as the adapters, end pieces and connectors feature an accurate 18/8 cut.
The closed chamber system that the base is equipped with makes it easier to blow out old smoke and quickly gives way to new ones.
The WD Hookah - Stainless Steel Shisha G34-16 will not only convince you with its appearance, but also with the many useful built-in functions.

Just unpack the WD Hookah Shisha and get started right away, as the complete set includes a hookah hose, mouthpiece and headset with a fireplace attachment and a tobacco strainer. This saves you a lot of time, because you don't have to select the individual parts.

However, the first thing you notice about the WD Water Pipe is the beautiful stainless steel that is used for the carbon plate, the smoke column, the chassis and the immersion tube. Not only the shine of the stainless steel is special, because it also has finely milled patterns, just like the beautiful crystal clear WD Hookah Bowl, which has small dot patterns. The result is a sleek look that makes this WD Hookah a very pretty sight.

In addition to the first-class look, the stainless steel shisha can of course do even more, because it is equipped with many handy technology. This includes precise 18/8 grinding on the end pieces, adapters and connections as it allows you to connect up to 4 water pipe hoses without additional seals. So forget the old seals and enjoy the comfort of our stainless steel shisha. To make sure the water pipe is stable, we only use high-quality stainless steel, which ensures a long service life and rust-free.

Don't be afraid of breaking bowls anymore, because the base and bowl are connected by a wire, ensuring maximum stability and safety when lifting or carrying the bong. Not to mention the closed chamber system, which makes it easier for the old smoke to escape, or the removable diffuser, which reduces the noise and vibration of the water pipe.


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