WD Hookah® G39-1

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The G39 hookah from the house WD Hookah is a big size hookah with many special features. Its smoke stem is made of high quality stainless steel and the vase is made of crystal glass.

It has a size of 56cm and is equipped with some special features. These include the Closed Chamber System, a removable diffuser, 4 hose adapters, and an 18/8 inner cut for the head adapter, which can also be used to attach a 18/8 diameter molasses cartcher, pre-cooler or similar if required. A class of workmanship in combination with the mentioned special features give this hookah its premium class quality.

The purge is integrated into the stem base.

Height: about 56 cm


WD Hookah

WD Hookah is a renowned hookah brand from Germany, known for its exceptional designs and innovative features. Highly respected for its superior performance and use of premium materials. Carefully crafted to provide a pleasurable smoking session, WD Hookah ensures a delightful experience for hookah enthusiasts. From time to time, individuals stumble upon the allure of shisha smoking during vacations, while others are introduced to the hookah culture during an evening at a bar. These experiences often create cherished memories of cool and cozy moments. Now you can recreate these special moments in the comfort of your own home, with the appropriate equipment from the WD Hookah collection. Indulge yourself in these unique experiences, with WD Hookah's exceptional range of shisha products. Cherished in numerous cultures, hookahs are captivating instruments that hold a rich heritage. When you shop at House of Zayn Shisha AUS, it goes beyond a mere transaction; it becomes a pathway to embracing an intercultural journey. By exploring our range, you open yourself up to an immersive experience that exceeds borders, and allows you to appreciate the diverse traditional enjoyment.


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